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Instructor, DJ, Performer

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Peter trained with renowned Jose Neglia, owner of her own dance academy, Los Angeles, California


Peter trained with Maria Torres, renowned dance instructor & Broadway choreographer


With Rodrigo & Yesenia, professional performers at the Dancing with the Stars, TV Show


Ballroom class at DanceWeekend, Catskills Resort



 Ballroom & Latin Dance Classes

* Peter has over 20 years experience in Ballroom, Latin & partner dancing, and was trained in Malaysia, England and U.S.

* He teaches both private & group classes tailored to the students' preferences

* Peter successfully completed a special certification in Salsa from the renowned

Jose Neglia Dance Academy in Los Angeles, California.



 Wedding Dance Package

* Bride & Groom - Private dance lessons & choreography for couple's first dance.
* Special dance package for wedding Party & parents
 Fort Lee Ballroom class
 Fort Lee Ballroom class
Fort Lee Ballroom class