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Peter - Dance, Music, Entertainment

Instructor, DJ, Performer

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DJ & Party Motivator for all occasions
 Wedding Party
Anniversary Party
Birthday Party
NJ Dancesport Classic Competition
New York Copacabana party

Dance, Music & Entertainment
* Peter is a professional DJ for all parties, including:
- Weddings,
- Anniversaries,
- Graduations,
- Sweet 16,
- Birthdays,
- Christening, etc.
* Wide range of music
* Party Motivation & Line dances
* Party tailored for your event
 Sweet 16 Party
Clown with Ballon Artistry
Ninja Turtle & leading kids in line dance
Minnie Mouse & leading kids in line dance
Kids Parties & Characters

* Peter is very popular with children and kids love him.

* Depending on your preferences, he can tailor the party to your event to include:

- Party theme

- Games

- ZUMBA Kids activity

- Balloon artistry

- Decorative balloons

- Special characters



 Decorative balloon arches


Balloon artistry


Balloon artistry


Children's Party with balloon artistry & game